Swimming pool safety

As a parent you should be aware of the following rules and tips for safety in the swimming pool.

The Hague swimming pool

Swimming pool rules

There are rules in effect in all of The Hague's swimming pools in order to prevent accidents:

  • Children without a swimming diploma may go only in the shallow pools if they are accompanied by an adult.
  • The adult should be 18 years or older, be wearing a swimsuit and be able to swim. The adult may accompany a maximum of 2 children in the pool.

For more information see the swimming pool house rules.

Other safety tips:

  • You should change your clothes first and then your child's. This way you prevent your child from wandering around by himself.
  • Walk with your child through the swimming pool facility and explain to him what is allowed and what is not allowed. Point out the things that are fun and the things that are dangerous.
  • Children need to know that the deep end of the pool is only for advanced swimmers.
  • Never allow your child(ren) to go to the toilet alone. They could start wandering around the pool and end up in the deep end.
  • Never let an older child take responsibility for a young child. Older children also come to the pool to have fun and may not be aware of the dangers.
  • Stay with your child(ren) in the water and maintain eye contact. Children can also drown in shallow water.
  • Make sure that your child(ren) doesn't remove his flotation device. This is why you need to stay with him in the water.

For more information or questions, call the Sport Department.

Published: 27 June 2016Modified: 5 March 2019