Swimming pass for swimmers 14 years and older

Everyone aged 14 years and older will get a personal swimming pass when he or she visits 1 of The Hague’s municipal swimming pools for the first time. Take your valid ID with you.

Register through webshop or cash desk

You can register once as a new user through the webshop. When you register you will be asked your name, date of birth, address, email address and telephone number.

Swimming pass for The Hague
Swimming pass for The Hague

This information will be used to make your swimming pass, which you can pick up at 1 of The Hague's swimming pools. You can register through the sport webshop.

You can also register as a new swimming pass user at the cash desk of the swimming pool. This procedure takes longer.

Picking up the swimming pass

When you go to collect the new swimming pass, you will be asked to show your ID. Your photo will be taken at the cash desk. The photo will be linked to your swimming pass and your sport webshop account.

Blocking the swimming pass

Your information will also be used if your swimming pass has to be blocked. Reasons for blocking the swimming pass could be that the swimming pass was lost or stolen or that you will be denied entry to the swimming pool because you misbehaved.

Multiple entry card through webshop

If you would like, you can purchase a multiple entry card in the webshop at a discount. You then get to swim 12 times for the price of 10. And with a 25x multiple entry card you pay for only 20 times. More information can be found in Sport webshop.

Do you already have a swimming pass? 

Then you do not have to apply for a new swimming pass. You will keep your own pass. Take your ID with you. It will be checked 1 more time.

Your photo will be taken at the cash desk. The photo will be linked to your swimming pass and your sport webshop account. The photo will be checked to see whether the right person with the right pass is at the cash desk. Afterwards you will only need to show your swimming pass when you come to swim.

      Why is a swimming pass needed?

      Following a number of incidents, the municipality introduced the swimming pass in all of The Hague’s swimming pools in September 2017. This way the municipality can better ensure the safety of all swimming pool visitors as well as municipal staff. It is important that everyone is able to enjoy his visit to the pool. Any questions? Contact the Sport-info-line.

      Published: 11 September 2017Modified: 23 November 2020