The Hague - Your child's 1st swimming lesson

Your child's 1st swimming lesson

Read what will happen once your child starts swimming lessons.

The 1st lesson is always exciting your child.

  • Make sure that you are there ahead of time (15 minutes before the lesson starts).
  • Report to the cash desk to pay for the 1st swimming lessons.
  • Accompany your child to the changing rooms where your child can get changed.
  • Is your child ready? A swimming pool attendant will accompany the children from the changing rooms to the pool area and will bring the children back again after the lesson.
Boy at edge of pool

Watching the lesson

You may watch the 1st lesson in the pool area. You can watch the other lessons from the stands (in the Zuiderpark swimming pool) or wait in the canteen. You are allowed to watch the swimming lesson in the pool area during special viewing days (see: Kijkdagen). During the last 10 minutes the children may play and you will have time to speak to the swimming instructors.

Rules for swimming lessons

A number of rules for swimming lessons apply to the lessons in The Hague’s swimming pools. Read these carefully so you know what you need to do if your child is ill or going to be absent.

Questions about swimming lessons

  • For substantive questions about the swimming lessons and how your child is doing, please speak to the person behind the cash desk. He/she will make sure that your question gets to the swimming instructor or coordinator.
  • For general questions about swimming lessons, the waiting list and the lesson times, go to Swimming lessons or contact the Sport Department.
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    Published: 31 October 2016Modified: 5 March 2019