The Hague - Rules for swimming lessons

Rules for swimming lessons

This page explains the rules for swimming lessons at at the municipality.

Registration and payment

  • You register yourself or your child for swimming lessons online via the Sport webshop.
    • Before the 1st swimming lesson starts you pay at the cash desk of the swimming pool for the individual swimming lessons until the end of the month. You also buy a monthly subscription. These start on the 1st day of the following month. Your deposit will be deducted. You can pay cash or with your bank card.
    • The subscription for swimming lessons will be credited to your personal swimming pass.
    • You can extend the subscription for swimming lessons yourself each month via the Sport webshop. You can do this as of 3 weeks in advance. Once you have done this, it will automatically be credited to your swimming pass.
    • You do not pay for the months of July and August. You also do not need to extend your subscription for these months. This is done automatically. Your monthly subscription needs to be paid in any case before the 1st day of the month.
    • When you registered you created a user name and password in the Sport webshop. Log in to extend your subscription.
    • If you do not remember your user name, please contact the Sport-info-line.
    • If you do not remember your password, you can request a new password online via the Sport webshop.

    Ooievaarspas holders

    • Youth (free): the subscription for swimming lessons will be extended every 4 months at the cash desk of the swimming pool.
    • Adults (50% discount): you extend your monthly subscription every month at the cash desk of the swimming pool.

    Access to swimming lessons

    Have your swimming pass scanned at the cash desk at each lesson. You will be given a ticket. The person who has swimming lessons (for example your child) gives this ticket to the swimming instructor as proof of payment.

      Changing clothes

      Swimmers can change their clothes in a communal changing room or in a cubicle. The follow rules apply to the cubicles:

      • Fathers may accompany their children to the men's changing room and mothers may accompany their children to the women's changing room.
      • Always take off your shoes or wear the blue covers over your shoes in the swimming hall and in the 'barefoot' area of the changing rooms. You can buy the blue shoe covers from the dispenser for (€ 0.50).
      • Do not leave any clothing behind. Clothing left behind will be removed. You can store your clothing in a locker (€ 0.50) or in the free cloakroom.

      Rules in and around the swimming pool

      Before you go to the swimming pool:

      • Do not bring any valuables to the swimming pool. The swimming pool is not responsible for theft, damage or loss.

      In the swimming pool:

      • Do not wear swimming costumes which fall below the elbow and/or knees.
      • Remove any jewellery before the lesson.

      Around the swimming pool:

      • Arrive on time. Arriving late is disruptive to others and to the swimming instructor. Were you more than 10 minutes too late? Then you will no longer be admitted to the swimming lesson.
      • Have your child wait in the changing room until just before the swimming lesson starts. Make sure that he/she also has gone to the toilet so that he/she does not have to go during the lesson.
      • Showering is mandatory both before and after swimming.
      • Running is not allowed in the pool area.


      • Inform the swimming pool if you or your child is unable to attend the swimming lessons. Please note: you will not get the lesson fee back. After all, a place in the lesson was reserved for you.
      • If you are absent for more than 3 consecutive lessons without informing the swimming pool, your place will be given to somebody else. If you would like to take swimming lessons again, then you will need to register again.
      • In case of a long-term illness, you can confer with the swimming pool to see if you can temporarily stop your subscription. Have you recovered? Report to the cash desk of the swimming pool to extend your monthly subscription. This cannot be done via the Sport webshop.


      There are no lessons during the school holidays and on public holidays.

        Cancelling swimming lessons

        • If you stop the swimming lessons during the month in which you have a subscription, your lesson fees will not be returned.
        • If you or your child will not continue swimming lessons after earning a certificate, you always need to inform the swimming pool. Otherwise you will remain registered. You can notify the cash desk of the swimming pool where your child takes lessons.

        Vertrouwenspunt Sport

        Have you or your child experienced sexual intimidation, bullying, discrimination, insults, threats or abuse at the swimming pool? Then you can contact the Vertrouwenspunt Sport. More information can be found on the website of Vertrouwenspunt Sport.


        • For questions about the lessons themselves, you can usually approach the person working at the swimming pool cash desk. This person will ensure that your question reaches the right swimming instructor or coordinator.
        • For information about the waiting list and lesson times, please go to Swimming lessons or contact the Sport-info-line.

        Published: 31 October 2016Modified: 5 March 2019