Swimming app with information on The Hague's swimming pools

You can look up information about the municipal swimming pools in The Hague using ZwemApp Den Haag. Install this app on your smartphone or tablet to be able to see the current opening hours, swimming lesson times and rates and reserve.

The municipality’s ZwemApp makes it even easier for you to look up information about the swimming pools. The app is meant as an additional online service to the information under Swimming and swimming pools.

Information in ZwemApp

The app contains information on:

  • opening hours, including different hours during the school vacations
  • swimming lesson times
  • rates for recreational swimming and water activities such as aquajogging and Teddy Bear swimming lessons for children
  • the Sport webshop, including registering online for swimming lessons and purchasing a monthly subscription or a 12x multiple entry ticket

Download ZwemApp Den Haag

You can download the swimming app onto your mobile device in

Favourite swimming pool

Once you have downloaded the app, you can select the swimming pool you would like information about. Is the pool you always visit? You can then store it as your favourite. The app will then give you relevant updates about your favourite swimming pool.

    More information

    Are you using the ZwemApp and do you have questions or comments about it? Contact the Sport-info-line.

    Published: 20 April 2016Modified: 13 July 2020