Recreational swimming: buy a subscription

Buy your swimming subscription for recreational swimming (12x or 25x multiple entry tickets) online. You can extend these subscriptions online in the Sport webshop.

Are you buying a new subscription for recreational swimming via the Sport webshop? Then take the proof of payment and your swimming pass to the swimming pool. Your subscription will be credited to your (new) swimming pass at the counter.

Subscription with family

Would you like to share a subscription with family members? This is possible. You can share a multiple entry ticket with family members. A multiple entry ticket for adults is valid for adults 16 years and older. For children you can purchase a multiple entry ticket for youth. You can have the passes connected to each other at the cash desk of the swimming pool.

Children can also get their own swimming pass. Parents/guardians can apply for the swimming pass on behalf of their child at the cash desk of the swimming pool. Your child needs to show a valid ID as of 14 years of age.

Please note: once you have purchased a subscription, you will no longer be able to get your money back for it.

How long is a multiple entry ticket valid?

A multiple entry ticket (for 12 or 25 times) is valid indefinitely.

Extend your subscription

You can extend the subscription for recreational swimming in the Sport webshop. You purchase a 12x or 25x multiple entry ticket and it will automatically be credited to your swimming pass. You do not need to visit the counter at the swimming pool.

Extend a subscription

Fees for swimming subscriptions

For the costs of the subscriptions and individual swimming lessons, go to Rates for The Hague's swimming pools.


Do you have questions about ordering your subscription online? Contact the Sport-info-line.

Published: 23 May 2017Modified: