Pregnancy swimming

Are you pregnant and do you want to work on your condition? Then come to pregnancy swimming. This is a special swimming lesson for pregnant women. An experienced coach gives the lessons.

Swimming is almost the only sport that you can do throughout your pregnancy. It is good for expecting mothers to stay fit. Swimming is good for the blood circulation, it relieves muscles and joints and can reduce pain. It also feels good to move ‘weightlessly’.

Who is it for?

Pregnancy swimming is for pregnant women. You need to be able to swim already.

Important to know

For your own safety, consult your midwife, doctor or gynaecologist before starting pregnancy swimming.

When and where?

Pregnancy swimming is available in the Overbosch swimming pool. More information on the pregnancy swimming times can be found on the page Opening hours and rules for The Hague's swimming pools. For questions please contact the Sport-info-line

Fees for pregnancy swimming

Look at the fees for pregnancy swimming under the Rates for The Hague's swimming pools. Do you go swimming often? Then it is cheaper to buy a multiple entry ticket (12 times). You can buy one at the swimming pool or in the Sport webshop.


All of The Hague’s municipal swimming pools have house rules in order to prevent any accidents.

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Published: 8 October 2019Modified: 16 November 2021