Lap swimming

Lap swimming is 1 of the most complete workouts for your body. There are many moments in the weeks when you can visit 1 of the 6 swimming pools in The Hague to work on your condition and fitness and at your own pace.

Who is it for?

Lap swimming is for adults who would like to work on their condition at their own pace.

Where and when

Below you can find the times when you can swim laps (banenzwemmen) at each swimming pool.

You can find more information about each swimming pool under Swimming and swimming pools.

Fees for lap swimming

Look at the fees for lap swimming under the Rates for The Hague’s swimming pools.

Do you go swimming more often? Then it is cheaper to purchase a swimming subscription (a multiple entry ticket for 12 or 25 times). If you already have a subscription, you can extend it in the Sport webshop.

Everyone needs his own swimming pass in order to walk through the turnstiles.


All of The Hague’s municipal swimming pools have house rules in order to prevent any accidents.

Lap swimming
Also see: Swimming and swimming pools

Published: 27 January 2021Modified: 27 January 2021