Fifty fit: for seniors

Fifty fit is an enjoyable way of moving in the water especially for seniors. You work on your hips, shoulders and spine in a relaxed atmosphere.

The lessons are given in shallow water.

Who is it for?

Fifty fit is especially for seniors. You can join the lesson even if you are unable to swim.

Where and when?

Fifty fit

You can take Fifty fit lessons in the following municipal swimming pools:

For questions, please contact the Sport-info-line.

Fees for Fifty fit

You pay for a set period of lessons at Fifty fit. This is usually the period between 2 school holidays. if the period lasts 8 weeks, then you pay 8 x € 3.25 = € 26.

Lesson periods for 2021:

  • 4 January to 19 February
  • 1 March to 30 April

If there is space, you can try a lesson for free. You can then join the class. You then only pay for the remaining lessons this period.


All of The Hague's municipal swimming pools have house rules in order to prevent any accidents.

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Published: 27 January 2021Modified: 16 November 2021