Family swimming

Come for a nice swim in The Hague’s swimming pools. Water fun is for all ages. Every swimming pool has space for the whole family to come and swim.

    Swimming is fun for the whole family. Families can visit the municipal swimming pools during recreational swimming (vrij zwemmen) and family swimming (gezinszwemmen). During the specific time slots for family swimming, young people under the age of 18 are only able to enter the pool if they are accompanied by an adult who will be swimming as well. If your child does not have a swimming certificate, inflatable armbands are required.

    Swimming schedules

    Look at the current activities and schedule in each swimming pool on the page Opening hours and rules for The Hague's swimming pools.

        More information on each swimming pool can be found under Swimming and swimming pools.


        Do you go swimming more often? Then it is cheaper to buy a swimming subscription (a multiple entry ticket for 12 or 25 times). You can buy one at the swimming pool or in the Sport webshop.

        Subscription From 14 years Youth under 14 years and 65+
        recreational swimming € 4.20 € 3.50
        lap swimming € 4.20 € 3.50
        family swimming € 4.20 € 3.50
        multiple entry ticket (12 times) € 42 (10=12) € 35 (10=12)
        multiple entry ticket (25 times) € 84 (20=25) € 70 (20=25)

        Everyone 14 years and older needs a personal swimming pass in order to walk through the turnstiles.


        The municipality would like everybody to be able to enjoy The Hague's swimming pool facilities and feel safe. This is why there are a number of house rules. Are you planning to go swimming? Read these house rules carefully and make sure you stick to them.

        Father and child during family swimming

        Published: 29 July 2021Modified: 16 November 2021