Bootcamp Dry & Wet workout

For everyone looking for a tough and varied workout, there is Bootcamp Dry & Wet. You will get a total body workout in just 45 minutes.

Indoors and outdoors

You will work on getting a better condition and stamina with and without equipment. You begin with exercises out of the swimming pool (Dry) and end with an intensive water workout (Wet).

The combination of activities in and out of the pool will demand a great deal from you physically.  It is an effective training and you develop:

  • condition

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • stamina

        Who is it for?

        Bootcamp Dry & Wet is for everybody 18 years and older who can swim. You will be challenged to go as far as you can at your own level.

        Bootcamp Zuiderpark

        Good to know

        Bootcamp Overbosch: the Dry part of the workout will take place at the side of the pool. A swimsuit can also be worn during this part.

        Where and when?

        Bootcamp Dry & Wet takes place  in the:

        • Overbosch swimming pool

        You can find more information about the class days and times for Bootcamp Dry & Wet under Swimming pool activities. There is no need to sign up in advance.

        For questions, please contact the Sport-info-line

        Fees for Bootcamp Dry & Wet

        Look at the fees for Bootcamp Dry & Wet under the Rates for The Hague's swimming pools. The fees include admission to the swimming pool.


        All of The Hague’s municipal swimming pools have house rules in order to prevent any accidents.

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