Aquajogging is jogging in deep water without touching the bottom. The 'wet belt' (foam rubber strap) around your waist keeps you afloat.

The lesson consists of warming-up, various jogging exercises at different speeds, tummy, leg and buttock exercises, and a cooling down. Aquajogging strengthens the muscles through friction in the water. The advantage is that jogging in water reduces the risk of injury.

Who is it for?

Aquajogging is suitable for anyone aged over 18 years who can swim well. The lessons are given in deep water.

Where and when?

Aquajogging is given in the following municipal swimming pools:

More information on the aquajogging times can be found on the page of the individual swimming pool.

Fees for aquajogging

Look at the fees for aquajogging under the Rates for The Hague's swimming pools. Do you often go swimming? Then it is cheaper to buy a multiple entry ticket (12 times).


All of The Hague’s municipal swimming pools have house rules in order to prevent any accidents.

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Published: 8 October 2019Modified: 8 January 2021