Hire a sports hall

Would you like to play football with your friends or organise a sporting activity for the neighbourhood? The municipality has 17 sports halls which you can hire. You can hire a sports halls one time or for a longer period of time. The halls are located throughout the city. This means there is always a sports hall close by.

Due to the national corona measures, The Hague's sports halls are closed from 15 December 2020 until in any case 20 April 2021.


There are clear rules in place to ensure that everyone can do sports safely. Anyone can hire a sports hall. To hire a sports hall, send a request to the Sport rentals department by sending an email to sportverhuur@denhaag.nl.

Hiring via the Sport webshop (currently not available)

  • You can reserve a sports hall, meeting room, dojo or dance hall quickly and easily online via the Sport webshop. Anyone can hire a sports hall, but please bear in mind the following rules:

  • A sports hall or adjacent space may be hired for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours.
  • A sports hall or adjacent space may be reserved a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 28 days in advance.
  • Everyone should be able to use the available facilities in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. For this reason there are a number of rental terms and house rules in effect. When you make a reservation, you automatically agree to the rental terms and house rules.
  • Once you have made a reservation through the Sport webshop and paid using iDEAL, it is not possible to cancel or change the reservation. You should therefore only make a reservation if you are certain you will use it.
  • Sporting facilities can be hired for different sporting activities. Meeting rooms may be hired for small meetings or gatherings.
  • If you do not have sporting equipment, you can easily rent it in the Sport webshop using the Sport-O-theek tab.

To the Sport webshop

Rules in the sports halls during the coronavirus crisis

Measures designed to get the coronavirus under control have been imposed by the government throughout the Netherlands. Adults must keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. No spectators are allowed at sporting events. The rules in The Hague’s sports halls have also been modified. The most important rules can be found below.

General rules in the sports halls

  • Stay home if you have cold or flu-like symptoms and get tested for the coronavirus.
  • There is a poster with a health check at the entrance to every sports hall. If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, you may not go inside.
  • After entering, you must disinfect your hands.
  • Wear a face mask in the sports hall foyers.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. Follow the designated walking route and always obey any instructions given by staff.
  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets are closed.
  • Try to minimise crossing paths with other visitors by not arriving earlier than the reserved starting time. End your sporting activities on time. Arrange as many fixed changeover times as possible between the various teams.
  • No matches, events and competitions are permitted. This applies to both children as well as adults for all types of sports.
  • After you have finished, you must disinfect all the sporting equipment you used. The sports hall manager will make sure that cleaning products are available.
  • Make sure that anyone coming to collect children (parents, guardians, etc) waits outside.
  • Leave the premises as soon as you have finished your sporting activity.
  • All canteens in the sports locations are closed.

Social distancing and group sizes in the sports hall

  • Individual sports for adults are only permitted where social distancing can be maintained (1.5 metres apart). No more than 4 adults may form a team.
  • Children and young people under the age of 18 do not have to maintain social distancing while playing sports. They may also do sports with more than 4 people.
  • A maximum of 30 individuals are allowed in any space, provided they can maintain social distancing. This number includes children, but does not include staff.
  • After finishing their sports activities, children aged 13 and older and adults may not come together in groups of more than 4 people. This limit does not apply to children under the age of 13.


The fees for hiring a sports hall can be found under Tarieven sporthallen Den Haag (in Dutch).

Sports halls in The Hague

Go to Sporthal huren for a list of the locations of the sports halls in The Hague.


The sports halls offer the following facilities:

  • The sports halls have sporting equipment, such as goals and nets. You are allowed to use this equipment when you rent (part of) a sports hall. Do you need more or different equipment? You can rent it from the Sport-O-theek.
  • There is a WiFi network in all of the sports halls.
  • Most of the sports halls have a canteen. You may not eat and drink in the sports hall. It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks into the canteens.


Are you hiring a sports hall? Then you automatically agree to the rental terms below (general as well as sports halls and adjacent space) and the house rules (in Dutch).

General rental terms for sport (in Dutch) (PDF, 79,8 kB)
Rental terms for sports halls and adjacent space (in Dutch) (PDF, 74,7 kB)


For information on hiring a sports hall, contact the Sport rentals department by sending an email to sportverhuur@denhaag.nl or by calling tel. (070) 353 72 52.

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Published: 29 March 2021Modified: 29 March 2021