Dutch Special Olympics 2021 in The Hague

The Special Olympics National Games (SONS2021) will be held in The Hague from 11 to 13 June 2021. It is the largest sporting event in the Netherlands for people with an intellectual disability.

More than 2,000 athletes and 750 coaches will visit The Hague during the Special Olympics National Games. There will be sport competitions at various locations in The Hague in as many as 18 different disciplines over 3 days.

The Special Olympics were scheduled to take place in The Hague in June 2020. The event was cancelled due to the coronavirus. This is why it has now been moved to June 2021 but it will only go ahead if the government’s corona measures allow it.

Who it is for?

All athletes with an intellectual disability are welcome at SONS2021, regardless of level or previous performance. Participation is more important than winning.


The Special Olympics offers Olympic-style individual and team sports in 18 different disciplines: athletics, beach volleyball, bocce, bowling, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, softball, judo, netball, equestrian, kayaking, table tennis, tennis, football, cycling, sailing, swimming and Motor Activity Training Program.


All competitions during SONS2021 will take place in sporting facilities in The Hague: Sportcampus Zuiderpark, Het Hofbad, Ockenburgh, HDM hockey complex, Houtrust tennis park and Berestein horse stables. Only the sailing competition will be held in the Vlietland recreation area.

Extra attention on sports and activity

The municipality thinks it is important that everybody is able to do sports and be physically active. As host of SONS2021 the municipality will stress the importance of sports and activities for people with a disability. The city will work to promote a positive image as well acceptance of athletes with a disability. The municipality hopes that this extra attention will inspire residents of The Hague with and without a disability to do sports and be physically active.

Would you like to help athletes with an intellectual disability take part in SONS2021? You can support them. For example, by sponsoring an athlete, an overnight stay or a medal. More information on sponsorship can be found on the website of SONS.

More information

More information on SONS2021 can be found on the website specialolympics2020.nl.

Published: 13 April 2020Modified: 8 April 2021