Enforcers wearing bodycams

Municipal enforcers in the city sometimes find themselves in unsafe situations where people become aggressive towards them. To make sure the enforcers can do their work safely the municipality decided in 2020 to equip them with bodycams. Bodycams are small portable cameras worn on their uniforms.

Recording only if threatened

The enforcer will only start the recording if the enforcer finds himself in imminent danger. The enforcer will only switch on the bodycam after he has given 2 verbal warnings. However, the bodycam is always on 'standby'.

Images are safely stored

All recordings made by the bodycams will be stored in encrypted form. This way no one can view or delete the images on the spot. At the end of the enforcer’s shift, the recordings will be transferred to a secure environment. The recordings will be automatically erased after 4 weeks. Unless they are needed for a charge or complaint.

Bodycam fixed to the uniform of an enforcer
Bodycam fixed to the uniform of an enforcer

Viewing the images

The video images will be reviewed and stored on secure computers in the municipality in accordance with personal data and privacy rules. Have you been filmed with a bodycam? Then you may view the recordings made of you. To do so, you will need to fill in the 'Request to access bodycam recordings' form. Read more about privacy and your right of access on the page Data Protection Declaration.

Form: Request to access bodycam recordings (in Dutch) (PDF, 118,8 kB)

Only used for charges or complaints

Recordings may only be used in connection with a charge or complaint. You can read more about pressing a charge on the page Contact with the municipality.

If there are charges, the police may seize the recordings. The police can use the recordings for their investigations.

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Published: 5 January 2021Modified: 5 January 2021