Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre

The Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre (Adviespunt en Steunpunt Huiselijk geweld) in the greater Hague area is there for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is your life affected by domestic violence? Do you suspect that something is going on in your direct surroundings? Domestic violence is more common than we think. It can happen to anyone: your neighbours, your family, your friends, your children’s friends. Even you.

The Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre offers help and advice aimed at stopping domestic violence. It is obliged to a confidentiality agreement. No information is provided to others without your express permission.

Mental abuse

Domestic violence does not always involve physical violence or abuse. Sometimes it’s about humiliation, mental or sexual abuse, or financial extortion. The abuse can persist over months or years. When ‘home’ is no longer a safe place for the victim or for children who witness domestic violence, the situation can have a traumatic impact on all involved.

Difficult to discuss

Perpetrators can include parents, former spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends, children or relatives. This makes it a difficult subject to discuss for bystanders as well. Yet talking about it is the first step towards ending the violence.

The Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre listens and helps. It provides support or puts you in contact with other organisations which can help. Are you a victim of domestic violence or do you know that it’s going on? If so, call the Advice and Support Centre. Because there’s always something you can do.

Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre

Telephone: 0800 2000

Leaflet Protect yourself against Violence (PDF, 59,9 kB)

Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 24 May 2018