Camera surveillance

Various fixed and mobile cameras have been installed in public spots in the city in order to fight crime, nuisance and violence on the streets. By using video pictures the police can react more rapidly when incidents occur.

Camera surveillance only makes sense if it is targeted and used selectively in combination with regular police surveillance. The police and municipality install cameras when all other anti-crime and anti-violence measures have proven ineffective. The police view the video images ‘live’ and deploy officers on the beat when they spot an incident. They can also install temporary flexible cameras.


The duration of the camera surveillance depends on the nature and the extent of the nuisance. The mayor decides each year where the cameras will be positioned following an evaluation. There are approximately 140 video cameras hanging in a fixed spot in The Hague:  

  • in streets around the Hollands Spoor train station and The Hague’s Central Station
  • in shopping areas: Herengracht, Korte Poten, Plein, Lange Poten, Vlamingstraat, Laan, Spuistraat, Stationsweg, Wagenstraat and Grote Marktstraat
  • in red light districts: Geleenstraat, Hunsestraat and Doubletstraat
  • along the coast, the Strandweg and the boulevard in Scheveningen

In addition the municipality has approximately 15 flexible cameras:

  • around New Year’s at high-risk locations
  • at spots with ongoing nuisance and violent incidents: for example, Delftselaan, Kaapseplein, Hoefkade and the Koningstraat


The videotapes are secure and only a small team of police officers is allowed to view the images. The images may be kept for a maximum of 28 days. Images where punishable offences have been recorded and images which can be used for tracking down and prosecuting suspects may be kept longer. The municipality and other parties have no access to the images.

Accessing the images

Private people may not access the images. Were you the victim of a crime and do you suspect that there is video footage? Indicate this in your police report. The police station can ask the Team Technisch Toezicht for any stored images. For questions about the any stored police images, contact the police on tel. 0900 - 8844 or go to a nearby police station.

Other cameras

  • Police helicopters are also able to shoot video, including thermal imaging. The secured images are available to the police control room through a video network.
  • Live View: shops and businesses can connect their security cameras to a private emergency response centre. The centre is alerted in case of an emergency and can forward the live camera images to the control room. The police can then look directly at any incidents.  
  • The municipality has placed cameras by 5 underground rubbish containers in the Laak and Transvaal neighbourhoods. The trial will last from December 2021 to July 2022. The cameras will continuously film 24 hours a day, but only the images captured of people who place their rubbish next to the container will be saved. People who place their rubbish next to the container risk getting a fine. The software automatically erases all other images.

Rules and information

Published: 24 January 2014Modified: 17 January 2022