Help track down suspects and missing people with Burgernet Haaglanden

Help track down suspects and missing people in The Hague. Sign up to become part of the crime-fighting Burgernet system.

The police and municipality are working together with residents of The Hague to track down missing and suspicious people. The Burgernet system is activated after a report of a break-in or missing child.

Telephone message

Citizens participating in Burgernet will get a voice message on their (mobile) telephone or a text message with a request to be on the lookout for a person or vehicle. This way they can help track down the perpetrator(s), a vehicle or a missing child.

Watch the video How does Burgernet work? (YouTube channel of Burgernet)


Burgernet is the successor to SMS-Alert. This new system allows the police to send messages via the telephone (landline and mobile) and email. It therefore reaches a larger group of residents. SMS-Alert worked only with text messages.


You can register for Burgernet if you are 16 years and older. You can use the registration form to indicate how you would like to be notified: by telephone and/or SMS and/or email.

More information

Look for more information on the website or on Twitter @Burgernet_HGL.

Published: 22 September 2016Modified: 31 January 2020