Beach safety

Treacherous currents, a lost child, clothing missing on the beach after swimming. What should have been a nice day at the beach can easily take a bad turn. To prevent these kinds of situations, the municipality, emergency services and the Rescue Brigade are working together to ensure your safety.

The sea can be quite dangerous for swimmers because of strong undertow currents and rock barriers. Each year the Haagse Vrijwillige Reddingsbrigade (Hague Volunteer Rescue Brigade) rescues dozens of people from drowning. This is why the fire brigade, Rescue Brigade and the municipality have taken a number of measures.

The Rescue Brigade in Kijkduin
The Rescue Brigade in Kijkduin

    Safe swimming in the sea

    Swimming in the sea can be a wonderful experience, but it also has its dangers. The wind and water currents are often unpredictable. Read everything about tidal currents and other dangers in the sea under Safe swimming in nature.

      Lost children

      Children can easily get lost on crowded beaches. Give your child a wristband with your telephone number or your spot on the beach. You can pick up a free wristband at 1 of the lifeguard posts. Point out a fixed spot on the beach, for example the colourful 'Nijntje masts' or a beach restaurant. Has your child been missing for 15 minutes or longer? Report this to the Rescue Brigade or police. Lost children are often taken to a lifeguard post.

      Swimming ban at the Sand Motor

      Between March and November 2011 Rijkswaterstaat and the Province of Zuid-Holland created the Sand Motor peninsula. This project is intended to reinforce the coast and to create a nature and recreation area. This is a great project but it has consequences for the sea. The Sand Motor has an impact on the waves and currents along the coast. Measures are in place to ensure swimming safety. Rijkswaterstaat, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Midden-Holland Environmental Services are working towards this together with the rescue brigades and the safety region.

      More information about swimming safety and swimming bans can be found at

      Beach and swimming safety 2018

      In consultation with the Haaglanden Safety Region, the Hague Volunteer Rescue Brigade (HVRB) and the police department's coastal detachment unit, measures have been taken this year to improve swimming safety along The Hague's beaches.

      • During the summer holidays the HVRB will guard the beaches from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs. (the time can be extended to 19.00 hrs. depending on the weather and how busy it is).
      • The fire brigade's Surf Rescue Team (SRT) will be on continuous standby for incidents at sea or to provide assistance on the beach.
      • The HVRB uses an internationally recognised flag system.
      • There is camera surveillance with 8 fixed camera's along the coast, the Strandweg (including at Museum Beelden aan Zee) and the boulevard.
      • There is an alcohol ban for the Strandweg, boulevard and for the Zeekant and Rederserf. The ban is in effect from 1 April to 1 October.
      • Current beach and swimming information will be posted daily on teletext page 154 of Omroep West. Look at the Commissiebrief Strand en Zwemveiligheid 2018 (RIS 299749).

      Published: 7 May 2012Modified: 16 May 2022