Ban on begging and street music

People are often irritated by beggars and street musicians in downtown The Hague. The municipality and police have therefore taken a number of measures. There is a ban on begging, playing music and performing in certain locations and at certain times.

The ban does not affect street organs and activities (including street musicians) for which there is a permit.


The ban is mainly in effect in busy areas:

  • City centre: Korte and Lange Poten, Plein, Binnenhof, Buitenhof, Plaats, Papestraat, Passage, Gravenstraat, Raamstraat, Hoogstraat, Noordeinde, Venestraat, Weversplaats, Nieuwstraat, Schoolstraat, Vlamingstraat, Spuistraat, Grote Markt, Grote Marktstraat, Wagenstraat, 1e Haagpoort, Kalvermarkt, Turfmarkt, Spuiplein, Spui, Gedempte Gracht, Voldersgracht, Bezemstraat and the Rabbijn Maarsenplein.
  • Central Station and the Koningin Julianaplein.
  • Hollands Spoor train station, Stationsplein, Stationsweg and Oranjeplein.
  • Haagse Markt during market days and surrounding streets: De Heemstraat, Hobbemaplein, Herman Costerstraat and the Hoflandplein.

The ban is also in effect:

  • At schools, cemeteries or houses of worship when a service is being held.
  • At buildings where occupants have indicated that they consider these activities a 'nuisance'.
  • At the entrances and exits of buildings and within 3 metres from the building.

Published: 24 January 2014Modified: 24 October 2019