Alcohol bans

Alcohol and drugs frequently play a role when people are causing trouble. The police and municipality are working together to reduce this kind of nuisance.

The mayor can impose an alcohol ban and a restraining order against certain troublemakers.

Alcohol ban

The General Municipal Ordinance (APV) gives the local authorities the possibility to prescribe a ban on alcohol in areas with structural alcohol and drug-related incidents. It is prohibited to consume alcohol and be in possession of any open bottles, cans or containers of alcoholic beverages on the street in certain areas of the city. The introduction of the ban is one of several measures to reduce nuisance. Each year The Hague Municipal Executive examines police data to see whether the alcohol bans will remain in place and/or whether new areas will be introduced.

Public areas where the alcohol ban is in effect

Extra security measures for specific areas

The mayor can take specific measures to limit any serious disturbance to public law and order. She can impose a restraining order, for example. Currently there is a restraining order in the 'Oude Centrum' until the end of 2018. The police can prohibit troublemakers such as drug dealers and hard drug users from entering a certain area of the city for 24 hours. For a repeat offence the mayor can impose a restraining order for up to 3 months. This measure also allows the municipality to tackle the nuisance caused by the use of alcohol.

    Published: 4 January 2016Modified: 24 October 2019