Your plan for the Statenkwartier could get € 30,000

Published: 4 September 2019Modified: 6 September 2019

The municipality has made a neighbourhood budget available to make the Statenkwartier more beautiful, social, physically active and greener. Residents and businesses can come up with a plan to achieve this and they could get up to € 30,000 to carry out this plan. Submit your ideas by 4 October.

Do you have a good idea for improving the Statenkwartier? And does your plan have to do with 1 of these subjects?

  • sports, games and encounters
  • streetscape
  • green and sustainability

Take advantage of this opportunity and submit your plan via

Everybody is allowed to submit a plan. After the municipality does a feasibility check, the residents of the Statenkwartier will divide the money among the feasible plans. It will be up to the residents to determine which plans will be realised.

How it works

  • You can submit your initiative by Friday, 4 October 2019 using the application form on
  • Your plan will be published on the website right away.
  • The idea is that you create your own campaign to get attention for your plan. You can do this, for example, by sharing your plan on social media or by talking to neighbourhood residents.

    The neighbourhood votes

    From the moment your plan comes online, everybody in the neighbourhood can vote by ‘liking’ it. If your initiative has at least 25 votes on 11 October 2019, your plan will proceed to the next round. During this round the municipality will look at whether the remaining initiatives are feasible. All the feasible plans will be announced on on 15 November 2019.

    Statenkwartier decides on budget

    You and your neighbours determine which plans will be realised. You can spread out the budget of € 30,000 over 1 or more plans. You and your neighbours have until 13 December to decide.

    Need help submitting your plan?

    Is it difficult for you to submit a plan online? Then ask your family, friends or neighbours for help. You can also submit a paper application at Wijk- en dienstencentrum Het Couvéehuis (Frankenslag 139). You can pick up a form there. Het Couvéehuis is open from 8.30 to 22.00 hrs. from Monday to Thursday and from 8.30 to 20.00 hrs. on Friday.

    Paper application submissions will be published every week on Friday on You can then start your campaign.

    Winning plans

    The municipality will announce the winning plans in Het Couvéehuis on Saturday, 21 December.

    More information

    You can find more information at

    Neighbourhood budget for other neighbourhoods

    The other neighbourhoods in the Scheveningen district will also get a budget for new initiatives:

    • 1st half of 2020: Noordelijk Scheveningen
    • 2nd half of 2020: Wittebrug-Duttendel
    • 1st half of 2021: Zorgvliet
    • 2nd half of 2021: Duindorp
    • 1st half of 2022: Van Stolkpark

    The neighbourhoods of Scheveningen-Dorp, Havenkwartier & Vissenbuurt and Duinoord already received a neighbourhood budget in 2018 and 2019

    Help with your plan

    The municipality would like to help you work out an initiative for your neighbourhood. It will look at whether your idea is feasible or eligible for a subsidy for activities. Read more about this under Apply for subsidy for activities for city district.

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