Your plan for the Bloemenbuurt could get € 30,000

Published: 12 January 2021Modified: 12 January 2021

The municipality is making funds available to make the Bloemenbuurt more beautiful, physically active and greener. Everybody living, working, attending school or taking part in activities in the Bloemenbuurt is invited to come up with a plan. The plans could be awarded up to € 30.000 for their execution. Submit your plan by 17 February 2021.

The municipality will decide if the plans are feasible. Afterwards the residents of the Bloemenbuurt (10 years and older) will divide the money among the feasible plans. This way the neighbourhood itself decides which plans will be executed.

How it works

You submit your plan by 17 February 2021 using the registration form on Your plan will then be published online right away. Or you can place the form with your name and telephone number on it in the artwork in Goudenregenstraat across the street from Segbroek College. A municipal employee will then publish your plan online. It is up to you to drum up attention for your plan. For example, by sharing your plan on social media.

The neighbourhood votes

Everybody in the neighbourhood can vote for the plans until Wednesday, 24 February 2021 by giving them a ‘like’. Does your plan have at least 25 likes on Wednesday, 24 February? Then the plan will proceed to the next round. During this 2nd round the municipality will examine the remaining plans in terms of feasibility. The municipality will announce all the feasible plans on Wednesday, 7 April 2021 on

Residents divide € 30,000

Together with the people in your neighbourhood as of 7 April 2021 you decide which plans will go ahead. You can divide the amount of € 30,000 among 1 or more plans. You and the people in your neighbourhood have until 5 May 2021 to decide. Voting can also be done through the website.

Help with submitting a plan

Are you unable to submit a plan online? Contact Kelly Steentjes, project leader of Bloemenbuurt Begroot, via:

    Announcement of winners

    The municipality will announce the winning plans on Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

    More information

    You can find more information about Bloemenbuurt Begroot at

    Neighbourhood budget

    The municipality would be happy to help you work out an initiative for your neighbourhood. It will look at whether your idea is feasible or eligible for a subsidy. Read more about this under Apply for subsidy for activities for city district.