Your plan for Kom Loosduinen could get € 30,000

Published: 30 September 2020Modified: 9 October 2020

The municipality is making € 30,000 available to make the neighbourhood of Kom Loosduinen livelier and more social. Residents, businesses and social organisations are invited to come up with a plan. They could get up to € 30,000 to carry out this plan. You can submit your plan by Sunday, 1 November 2020.

Everybody is allowed to submit a plan. The municipality and the Kom Loosduinen neighbourhood association will decide if your plan is feasible. Afterwards the neighbourhood residents will divide the money among the feasible plans. This way the residents themselves decide which plans will be executed.

How does it work?

You can submit your plan by Sunday, 1 November 2020 using the registration form on Your plan will then be published online right away. It is up to you to drum up attention for your plan. For example, by sharing your plan on social media. You can also submit your plan on paper by depositing it in the 'ideeënbus' in the Loosduinen library.

The neighbourhood votes

Everybody in the neighbourhood can vote for the plans by giving them a ‘like’. Does your plan have at least 15 likes on Sunday, 8 November? Then the plan will proceed to the next round. During this round the municipality and the Kom Loosduinen neighbourhood association will examine the remaining plans in terms of feasibility.

Residents divide € 30,000 among the remaining plans

Residents of Kom Loosduinen will have the period between 14 December and 10 January to determine which plans will be carried out in 2021. You can divide the amount of € 30,000 among 1 or more plans. Residents of the neighbourhood aged 13 years and older will receive a personal voting code at home. The winning plans will be announced in January 2021 on

Personal help

Would you like help submitting your plan? Come to the ‘Bouwen aan Kom Loosduinen’ consultation hour every Wednesday between 15.30 and 17.00 hrs. in the Loosduinen library. Due to the corona measures you are required to register for this. You can send an email to or call tel. (070) 353 50 09.

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