Your ideas wanted on the future of the city

Published: 13 January 2022Modified: 14 January 2022

The municipality’s Omgevingsvisie (land use plan) contains its plans for the city and neighbourhoods. The so-called ‘Haagse toekomstwijzer’ (future adviser) survey will give residents and businesses the opportunity to voice their opinion on these plans by 24 January 2022. You can also take part in the survey if you work, study or attend school in The Hague. Or if you visit the city once in a while. Let us know your thoughts and fill in the ‘toekomstwijzer’ survey.

Fill in the 'toekomstwijzer' survey (in Dutch)

You can give your opinion on a number of standpoints, for example, about:

  • greenery

  • housing construction

  • public transportation

  • facilities and services

Some choices have an impact not only on your neighbourhood but on the entire city. You will also get to see the consequences of your choices. You can then indicate whether you will accept a consequence or not. For example: you would like to see more homes in the city. Would you like to see more schools as well?  

In addition you will see where your choices fit in terms of the 6 goals in the land use plan (Omgevingsvisie). Look at them in the  Ambitiedocument omgevingsvisie Den Haag (RIS309993).

Fill in the survey

Go to and fill in the survey by 24 January 2022. It takes approximately 15 minutes to answer the questions and standpoints.

For and by the city

The municipality will bundle the information it receives from the surveys. It will then create an overview of the results for each neighbourhood and for the entire city. It will also organise a discussion in the spring of 2022 to talk about the results in more detail. The most important results of the survey will be added to the municipality’s land use plan (Omgevingsvisie) at the end of 2022.

About the land use plan

The new Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) will take effect on 1 July 2022. All municipalities in the Netherlands must then have their own land use plan (Omgevingsvisie). A land use plan contains the municipality’s plans for the city and surroundings. Would you like to learn more about the process for making the land use plan? Go to