Your ideas wanted for fixing up Mariahoeve

Published: 29 October 2019Modified: 29 October 2019

Do you live in Mariahoeve? The municipality invites you to share your ideas on how to fix up your neighbourhood. There is money available to make Mariahoeve more beautiful, climate-proof, social, healthy and greener. You can share your ideas online or by attending a meeting on 5, 7 or 9 November. You can also help by serving on the neighbourhood committee.

Share your ideas online

On you will find all the information about the plans for fixing up Mariahoeve. You can share your ideas and follow the developments.

Add spots yourself

During neighbourhood walks residents already indicated many spots which they think should be fixed up. A number of them were placed on a map. You can find the map  on the page on the spots which need to be fixed up on the website. Do you also have an idea? You can submit additional spots which need to be fixed up until 10 November 2019.

Sign up for the neighbourhood committee

A neighbourhood committee will be assembled from residents from the neighbourhood. There are 15 spots available in this neighbourhood committee. Together with other residents and experts the committee will work to develop plans for the neighbourhood. It will use the spots which need fixing up as a starting point. The neighbourhood committee will meet a total of 3 times.

Would you like to serve in the neighbourhood committee? Sign up by 10 November using the form on or during the meeting.

You can also send a letter to:

Stadsdeel Haagse Hout
t.a.v Pauline van den Broeke
Mariahoeve Knapt Op
Loudonstraat 95
2593 RV Den Haag

On you can read what is expected of the members of the neighbourhood committee.

Come to a walk-in meeting

The municipality will organise 3 walk-in meetings at different places in the neighbourhood. During these meetings representatives from the municipality will explain how they are working with residents on the plans for Mariahoeve. The spots which need to be fixed up can be seen on maps and you can also tell the municipality what should be fixed up.  

The meetings do not have a fixed programme. You can stop by on the day when it suits you best. The meetings are on:

  • 5 November, 17.30 to 20.00 hrs.
    LOOkatie364, Het Kleine Loos 364.
  • 7 November, 10.00 to 12.30 hrs.
    Buurthuis De Landen, Isabellaland 259.
  • 9 November, 13.30 to 16.00 hrs.
    Sportcentrum Mariahoeve, Het Kleine Loos 12.

Mariahoeve using clean energy

During the walk-in meetings you can also ask questions and share your ideas about the ‘Mariahoeve op schone energie’ neighbourhood energy plan. This plan contains information about how the neighbourhood is switching over to clean energy. The municipality, residents and businesses in the neighbourhood are making this plan together.

More information

Look for more information on Do you have questions about the Mariahoeve Knapt Op project? Send an e-mail or come to a walk-in meeting.