The Hague - Work on Kijkduin-Houtrust route ready in spring 2019


Work on Kijkduin-Houtrust route ready in spring 2019

Published: 14 January 2019Modified: 14 January 2019

The municipality will start working on Part 6 of the Kijkduin-Houtrust route roadworks on Monday, 21 January. The work will be finished on 26 April 2019 and the road will then be completely free again.

The Municipality of The Hague has been working on the new design since 26 March 2018. The Kijkduin-Houtrust road is a busy route between Kijkduin and Scheveningen. The route will get a completely new design. The road will get a more orderly structure. And it will become safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Road works

The work on the Sportlaan and Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan will be extended from the Oude Buizerdlaan-Wildhoeflaan-Sportlaan to the Muurbloemweg. The work will involve:

  • digging up the street
  • removing the asphalt
  • replacing the sewer pipes
  • repaving the street

    Intersection Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan/Muurbloemweg

    The intersection between the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan/Muurbloemweg will be closed once again at the beginning of the spring 2019, between 21 January and 26 April. This is necessary because paving work still needs to be carried out in the middle of the roundabout. In addition the surface coating will be applied. This work will be announced on social media and on yellow signs along the road.

    New trees

    New trees will be planted on the Segbroeklaan, Sportlaan and Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan between 21 January and 26 April to make the roads green again.


    • The Segbroeklaan, Sportlaan and Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan will be closed from the Goudenregenstraat to the Muurbloemweg.
    • A new portion of the access road will be made available each time it has been paved. The new access road along the Sportlaan is open only to the residents living there.
    • The Sportlaan is open to traffic from the roundabout at the Daal en Bergselaan/Wildhoeflaan in the direction of the Segbroeklaan. The other side of the Sportlaan is closed and accessible only to HTM buses and emergency service vehicles.
    • The intersection between De Savornin Lohmanlaan/Sportlaan will be closed in order to renew the sewer pipes and to construct the last roundabout.
    • The Vogelwijk is accessible via the Laan van Poot, Kwartellaan (via the Sportlaan side of the Houtrustbrug) and Daal en Bergselaan.
    • The Zonnebloemstraat will remain a 1-way street from the Hyacinthweg in the direction of the Daal en Bergselaan. 
    • A traffic barrier will be placed on the Zandzeggelaan to prevent cut-through traffic.
    • The diversions will be indicated by yellow signs along the road.

    Pedestrians and (motor) bikes

    Cyclists will be diverted via the Kraaienlaan, Laan van Poot, Wildhoeflaan and the Ranonkelstraat. The intersection between the De Savornin Lohmanlaan/Sportlaan will also be closed to (motor) bikes and pedestrians. A temporary bicycle crossing will be made over the water and through the closed Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan by the Pyrolalaan/Balsemienlaan. The diversions will be indicated by yellow signs along the road.

    Public transport

    Bus 24 will operate a different route via the Sportlaan, Daal en Bergselaan, De Savornin Lohmanlaan, Laan van Meerdervoort and the Lobelialaan. Bus 23 will ride until the Colijnplein stop and will temporarily not continue to Kijkduin.


    Download the Kijkduin-Houtrust roadworks app with travel delays, a push alert when there are big delays and unforeseen closures. This way you are always well-prepared for your journey.

    The Sportlaan
    The Sportlaan
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