Work in the Grote Marktstraat

Published: 9 October 2017Modified: 27 October 2017

The municipality will carry out work on the intersection between the Grote Marktstraat and the Wagenstraat from 23 October to 14 November 2017. The intersection will be adapted so that cyclists and pedestrians are not as much in each other’s way.

Between Sunday, 22 October and Thursday, 26 October work will also be carried out at night. This is necessary because emergency services (ambulances, fire department and police) have to be able to drive through the Grote Marktstraat.

Shops accessible

While the work is being carried out, homes, shops and the entrance to the tram will remain accessible to everyone. The builder will lay foot planks where they are needed.

During the project, no bicycles will be allowed to be parked in the Grote Marktstraat. You can park your bicycle in the spaces in the side streets or in the Biesieklette parking facilities.

Adaptations to Voldersgracht intersection

In mid-January 2018 the Grote Marktstraat will continue to be upgraded. The intersection with the Voldersgracht will then be adapted.