Winter measures for homeless in effect

Published: 6 February 2018Modified: 6 February 2018

Due to freezing temperatures, the cold weather arrangements for The Hague’s homeless population have taken effect. During extremely cold periods in the winter, the night shelter and the extra winter shelter at Zilverstraat 40 are free of charge. Women can stay at the extra winter shelter at Delagoastraat 60 in The Hague.

The cold weather arrangements come into force when it becomes too dangerous to sleep outdoors, for example if there is frost or a combination of extreme cold with a strong wind and long-lasting rain. People can risk serious health problems or even death as a result of hypothermia. Once temperatures rise again, the situation returns to normal. The arrangements are implemented at the same time in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Homeless people get a bed as well as a meal and breakfast and they can shower and wash their clothes. They can consult a district nurse if they require medical care.

Regular shelter

The winter shelter on the Zilverstraat is run by Stichting Schroeder van der Kolk and has space for 125 males. Women can stay in the night shelter of the Kessler Stichting in the Delagoastraat. People who are already sleeping in the regular night shelters of the Leger des Heils (Salvation Army) or the Kessler Stichting can stay there for free during the cold weather arrangements. They will be temporarily exempt from paying their own contribution or providing ID. 

People living on the street who cannot or do not want to use the winter shelter can pick up a (free) insulating blanket at one of the centres. The cold weather arrangements are coordinated in The Hague by the GGD’s Coordination Centre (CCP). Also see