Westvlietweg: crossing for cyclists

Published: 13 May 2020Modified: 15 May 2020

The municipality is working on continuous bicycle routes which are safe, fast and smooth. One of these routes is the connection between Ypenburg and The Hague’s city centre: the Trekfietstracé. The contractor will be working on a crossing for cyclists on the Westvlietweg from Friday, 5 June to Monday, 8 June 2020.

What is going to happen?

The contractor will be constructing the new cycle path from the end of May until mid-June 2020. The cycle path will go over the construction site of the Rotterdamsebaan in the Vlietzoom and connect to the Westvlietweg. The cycle path will end between the Zeerust country estate and the lands of Stal Meyvliet on the Westvlietweg. A crossing for cyclists will be created at this spot on the Westvlietweg. A raised speed bump with a central island will be made in between both lanes.

Traffic measures

The Westvlietweg will be closed to through traffic between the Hoornbrug and the Oude Tolbrug from 19.30 hrs. on Friday, 5 June to 5.00 hrs. on Monday, 8 June. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to go along the site. Businesses and homes will be accessible only to local traffic. The work will be done by the Zeerust country estate and Stal Meyvliet. Look ahead of time on which side of the Westvlietweg you will be able to drive to your destination.

Diversion routes

  • Traffic will be diverted via the Oude Tolbrug, Fonteynenburghlaan, Prinses Mariannelaan, Geestbrugweg, Haagweg and Hoornbrug, as well as in the opposite direction. Signs will indicate the diversion route.
  • A larger diversion route is in effect for lorry traffic due to the environmental zone. Signs will indicate the diversion route.


    Do you have a question about the roadworks or would you like to report a calamity? Contact the contractor on tel. (088) 400 80 83 (available 24 hours a day for emergencies).

    Up-to-date information about the Trekfietstracé project go to

    If you have general questions about the project, contact the Trekfietstracé project on or call tel. 14070.

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