Westduinpark: work on sand paths and gates

Published: 2 November 2020Modified: 2 November 2020

Work will start on the sand paths in Westduinpark at the beginning of November 2020. At various spots the paths will get a shell or paved surface instead of sand. The access gates will also be made safer. This will make it easier for seniors, disabled people and people walking with a stroller/baby carriage to access Westduinpark. The work will take approximately a month.

Westduinpark has undergone a huge transformation over the last few years. The municipality wanted to give the dunes and nature more space in this special nature reserve. This is why a number of paved paths were turned into shell or sand paths.

Request from residents

As a result of these changes, residents who have trouble walking were no longer able to use all of the paths. They asked for these paths to be upgraded and the municipality held discussions with them. The outcome is that a number of sand paths will not be turned into shell or paved paths. The paths will then offer greater accessibility to everybody. The access gates throughout the area will become easier to use.  

Foto van het Westduinpark

Paths closed temporarily

The paths will be closed temporarily while work is being done. The project will last about a month.

Work will be carried out at different spots in the area:

  • the path and bike parking by beach access point 10
  • the path connecting to the loop for Tram 12
  • the path on the Laan van Poot by the Sniplaan
  • the path in the area called ‘de Plak’ between the Fuutpad and Kwartelpad
  • the entrances by the Nieboerweg and Houtrustweg in the Bosjes van Poot