Waste separation trial using coloured bags in Waldeck Noord

Published: 29 March 2018Modified: 3 April 2018

A trial project will start as of Monday, 9 April to separate rubbish using coloured bags in Waldeck Noord. This is the area between the Landr├ęstraat, Beethovenlaan and Aaltje Noordewierstraat. The municipality will investigate whether it is easier for residents with limited space for a container to separate their waste in this way.

The waste separation trial using coloured bags will last 1 year. Residents will get garbage bags from the municipality during the trial period. The bags have an overprint in 3 different colours.

Each colour is meant for another type of material:

  • Red: textiles and shoes
  • Orange: plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons
  • Grey: household rubbish

In rubbish containers

You can dispose of all the bags in the underground rubbish containers in the trial area. The bags with 3 different colours and materials will therefore be deposited together in these containers. The Haagse Milieu Services will empty these containers in separate garbage trucks during the trial project.

The bags will be sorted by colour once they are collected. This way the materials can be processed and recycled per type of waste.

Start package

Residents in the trial area will receive a start package containing:

  • A folder with instructions about the trial and what is allowed in each bag.
  • Stickers for the rubbish bin so that it is instantly clear what belongs in which bin.
  • A set of coloured rubbish bags.
  • A rubbish bin will also be delivered if residents have requested one.

Coloured bags

During the trial project resident scan pick up coloured bag at Wijkcentrum Tabitha, Mozartlaan 280. An environmental coach from the Haagse Milieu Services will be available here every Tuesday from 10.00 to 15.00 hrs. as of 11 April. Otherwise you can phone tel. 06 25 72 61 76 from Monday to Friday.

    Organic waste (GFT), glass and paper not part of the trial

    Organic waste cannot be processed in the right way if it is collected in plastic bags. This is why organic waste is not part of the trial. For this type of waste residents can make use of the existing collection measures using a GFT container or bucket. 

    Nothing will change in the way glass and paper are collected. For glass there are glass containers in the neighbourhood. Paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. There are also recycling containers in the neighbourhood.

    More information

    You can email your questions about the trial to

    Also see: Waste and recycling
    Coloured bags: orange for plastic, tin and drink cartons. Red for textiles and shoes. Grey for household rubbish.