Walk in the National Diabetes Challenge

Published: 23 July 2019Modified: 23 July 2019

Do you have diabetes or would you like to work on your health in a fun way? Then take part in the National Diabetes Challenge. Walks will be organised in nearly 20 neighbourhoods in The Hague. Health care professionals will also be joining in.

The National Diabetes Challenge is a walking programme lasting 16 to 20 weeks. You walk 1 time a week with health care professionals and other participants living in your neighbourhood. Walking together is fun and at the same time you can work on your health. Walking is also a good way to lose weight.

Woman walking in the dunes

Who is it for?

The programme is for everyone who would like to get healthier and in better shape. The programme builds up slowly so that everybody can keep up with the pace. Even for people who are not used to walking or being active.

Look at walks in the neighbourhood

GPs, health care professionals and neighbourhood Sport and Health coaches are organising the walks for the National Diabetes Challenge in nearly 20 neighbourhoods in The Hague. And they will accompany you on the walk. The walks will be held 1 time a week and already started in April or May of 2019. You can still take part. Go to to see which walks are taking place in your neighbourhood.

National closing event in The Hague

The National Diabetes Challenge Festival progamme concludes on 28 September in The Hague. Participants from all over the country will come to De Uithof. They will walk the last remaining kilometres of their ‘challenge’ together. The festival is for participants, supporters, family, friends and anybody else who is interested. You can find more information and tickets on the website of the national diabetes challenge.

National Sport Week

The last week of the National Diabetes Challenge and Festival take place during the National Sport Week. The Hague will host the National Sport Week this year.