Virtual archaeological museum for Rotterdamsebaan

Published: 23 November 2017Modified: 30 November 2017

A number of extraordinary finds were made during an archaeological study around the Rotterdamsebaan. In order to show the finds to as many people as possible, a virtual and interactive museum was created. Stop by the virtual museum in the Trefpunt Rotterdamsebaan (Binckhorstlaan 174 in The Hague).

Virtual and interactive

View the archaeological museum on a computer in the information centre in the Trefpunt Rotterdamsebaan. You can take a digital walk through the large museum rooms using a joystick. There you will see photos and videos of the excavations, 3D models of the finds and how people lived during the Roman times and the late Middle Ages. If you pay attention, you can discover hidden games and secrets all around the museum. The virtual museum shows how archaeological field research is being done.

Watch the video Virtual archaeological museum in Trefpunt Rotterdamsebaan

Archeologisch onderzoek

Sinds 2014 tot nu is er archeologisch onderzoek gedaan op de plekken waar de Rotterdamsebaan komt. Dit onderzoek leverde meer dan 100.000 vondsten op. Waaronder veel bijzondere en onverwachte vondsten. Hierdoor is nieuwe informatie over de Romeinse tijd en de late middeleeuwen ontdekt.

Extraordinary finds

Some of the finds are so extraordinary that they have been in the news. A trove of silver with 107 silver coins and a lapel pin and a rare silver-plated flask was found.

The find of hundreds of Roman roof tiles is also extraordinary. Such a find was never made previously. From the amount and spots where the roof tiles were found the archaeologists could deduce that a large building had once stood there. This was possibly a villa, a temple or a large inn. As far as is known only the most important buildings got roof tiles during Roman times.

A 3D model of a cowshed
A 3D model of a cowshed

More information

More information about archaeological research around the Rotterdamsebaan can be found (in Dutch) under Archeologie in het traject van de Rotterdamsebaan.

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