The Hague - Valkenboskade: new trees and plants along embankment


Valkenboskade: new trees and plants along embankment

Published: 11 March 2019Modified: 11 March 2019

The work on the Valkenboskade embankment, between the Copernicuslaan and Weimarstraat, is ready. In consultation with the residents a plan was made to restore the vegetation. The contractor began planting trees and bushes in the slope of the embankment on 5 March. The work is expected to last until 25 March 2019.

Existing trees will be replanted and new trees will be planted as well. Different ornamental bushes and hedgerow shrubs will be added. The green slope will be planted with grass. It will be trimmed and mown where needed.


The contractor will be working primarily in the green area. At certain moments a number of parking spots will be used to deliver earth. This will be indicated by pylons and road signs.

More information

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