Vaillantplein: cycle path to be paved

Published: 7 September 2020Modified: 7 September 2020

The red bricks on the cycle path on the Vaillantplein will be replaced by asphalt. The definitive schedule for the project is not yet known.

The municipality is working to improve the cycle paths in the city. It is now the Vaillantplein’s turn. The cycle path will be upgraded for 2-way traffic on the Delftselaan side. Instead of red bricks the cycle path will be paved with red asphalt. The sidewalk will get new paving and a green median strip will be made between the road and the cycle path in the direction of Buitenom.

Fietser op het Vaillantplein


The schedule is not yet known.


The contractor will take turns carrying out the work on each side of the square. Cyclist will be able to use the square at all times. They can cycle on the side where work is not taking place at that moment. Pedestrians and other traffic can use the square as usual.

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