Vaillantlaan to get speed indicator with money box

Published: 15 April 2021Modified: 15 April 2021

The Vaillantlaan will get a so-called speed indicator money box. This is a speed indicator which rewards rather than punishes driving behaviour. A small sum of money will be deposited into the digital money box each time a motorist sticks to the maximum speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour.

The speed indicator money box is located by ’t Palet primary school. Many cars exceed the speed limit on the Vaillantlaan. The residents as well as the parents and staff of the school are worried about the danger of the speeding vehicles. This is why the speed indicator money box has been placed there. The residents organisation and the school would like to spend the money to make a traffic safety obstacle course on the playground of the Van der Vennestraat.

Period of 4 weeks

The speed indicator will be put into place on 15 April 2021 and will operate for 4 weeks. After this period the residents will receive a cheque with the sum in savings.

Fewer speeders

The municipality aims to increase traffic safety by using the speed indicator money box. The money box is already in use at different spots in the country. There the money box led to a 25% decline in speeding traffic.


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Speed indicator (Photo: Arnaud Roelofsz)
Speed indicator (Photo: Arnaud Roelofsz)
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