Vaccination week: immunisation important

Published: 7 September 2020Modified: 7 September 2020

The first-ever Vaccination Week in The Hague will take place from 7 to 11 September 2020. The theme is: ‘For yourself, for each other’. The Hague would like all children to grow up safely and in good health. Getting vaccinated is an important part of this.

Less than 90% of all children in The Hague have been vaccinated. To protect everyone sufficiently, 95% of all children need to be vaccinated. This is why The Hague is holding the vaccination week. The 5-day programme includes a consultation hour via Facebook, information meetings and a pizza session for young people where they will discuss the importance of the vaccine with doctors.

Vaccinations at CJG Den Haag

Every child under the age of 19 years can get vaccinated at the Centre for Children and Families (CJG) in The Hague. Free and voluntarily. Look for more information about the vaccinations on the website of CJG Den Haag.

Vaccination week programme

Monday, 7 September

‘Mothers informing Mothers’ information meeting: Juvenile doctor Margreet Verhaag will provide information to volunteers in the Moeders informeren Moeders project.

Tuesday, 8 September

Hague Vaccination Alliance summit: online meeting with professionals and management of day care facilities, schools, general practitioners and  postnatal care.

Wednesday, 9 September

  • Vaccination consultation hour via Facebook from 10.00 to 11.30 hrs: Yvonne Turfboer, medical quality advisor, and a paediatric nurse will answer questions from parents and young people in The Hague. Do you have a question you have always wanted to ask? Take part and post your question now in the chat on the Facebook page of the Centre for Children and Families in The Hague. You can also join the consultation hour.  
  • Vaccinations for young people from 13.00 to 15.00 hrs.: young people will be invited to get their 1st (or forgotten) vaccinations.
  • Information meeting at Vadercentrum Adam from 19.00 to 20.30 hrs.: juvenile doctor Esther Kuiper will talk about vaccinations with visitors to the Vadercentrum.

Thursday, 10 September

  • Online meeting for day care professionals from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs.: juvenile doctors will introduce new information for  day care staff.
  • Pizza sessions for young people from 17.00 to 19.30 hrs.: what do young people know about vaccinations? How important is it to them to get vaccinated and how do they talk about it with their friends? Juvenile doctor Esther Kuiper will discuss this with them. What can the Municipality of The Hague, CJG Den Haag and The Hague’s Public Health Department (GGD Haaglanden) learn from this? Young people are welcome to join in. You can register by sending an email to
Een jonge zwangere vrouw als voorbeeld van een persoon voor wie vaccinatie zinvol is, met als bijschrift Voor jezelf voor elkaar #vaccineren Haagse vaccinatieweek 7-11 september 2020