Utrechtsebaan to get a makeover

Published: 27 May 2021Modified: 28 May 2021

The Utrechtsebaan (A12) will undergo major maintenace. The Utrechtsebaan is the sunken portion of the A12 motorway between the municipal boundary with Voorburg and the Zuid-Hollandlaan in the centre of The Hague. Approximately 60,000 vehicles use this major access road to the city centre each day. To ensure that The Hague remains accessible in the future the Utrechtsebaan will get a makeover.

During this project the sunken portion of the Utrechtsebaan between the municipal boundary with Voorburg and The Hague’s city centre will be temporarily closed at various times.

To limit the inconvenience as much as possible and to keep the centre optimally accessible, the work will be carried out in 2 phases. The work will be carried out as much as possible at night and in the weekend. The Utrechtsebaan project was scheduled once the Rotterdamsebaan was completed. The Rotterdamsebaan has given the city a new major main road.

Preparatory work

The major maintenance will be prepared in June, July and August 2021. The concrete walls of the Utrechtsebaan will be inspected in order to precisely determine what kind of renovation work is needed. Look at the exact dates and diversion routes (in Dutch).

Main work

The main work will take place from September 2021 to March 2022. During this phase the concrete walls will be renovated and the road surface and the traffic management systems will be replaced.

During this period the Utrechtsebaan will remain open on weekdays as usual to traffic driving in the direction of The Hague’s city centre. Entrance and Exit ramp 3 (Bezuidenhout) will also remain accessible during this project. The Utrechtsebaan could however be closed several weekends. Traffic will then be diverted.

Traffic driving out of the city will not be able to use the Utrechtsebaan during the entire project and will be diverted.