Urban nature photo contest for teens

Published: 2 September 2019Modified:

The municipality will organise a photography contest for young people between the ages of 10 and 16 years from 2 September to 25 October. Teenagers who share their most beautiful photos of The Hague’s urban nature with the municipality can win prizes such as a surfing lesson with 4 friends or a lens kit for their smartphone. They can also win a spot in the photo exhibition in the Atrium in City Hall.

Urban nature can be found everywhere: in dunes, canals, parks, country estates, beaches and garden and on balconies. Examples include a bee buzzing in the back garden, a gnarled old oak standing in a forest, a jellyfish washed ashore, the sun setting in the sea or a dragonfly perched on the water.

New urban nature policy

The Municipality of The Hague is working on a new urban nature policy. The municipality will decide how it would like to protect and help the city’s nature.

Nature lessons

Teaching lessons about urban nature are an important part of this new policy. A number of The Hague’s primary and secondary schools are focusing on the city’s nature in the classroom. The lessons are on animals and plants living in the city. How are certain animals dependent on each other what is an ‘ecosystem’? Schoolchildren and students will go out into nature to see it with their own eyes, conduct research and take photos. The photography contest is part of this.

More information

More information and the way young people can register can be found at