U.S. embassy: more known on building’s future after summer

Published: 9 May 2018Modified: 9 May 2018

After the summer of 2018 it will become clear which temporary purpose the former United States embassy on the Lange Voorhout be given. The building will get another purpose for approximately 2 years.

Many museums are located in the Museum Quarter and it is important that the building which used to house the U.S. embassy fits in with this scenario. The cultural-historical significance of the building is also essential. Tours will be organised in the building and it will get a temporary catering establishment. The final function of the building should become clear after this 2-year period.  

Former United States embassy
Former United States embassy

Asbestos investigation

Currently an asbestos investigation is taking place in the building. This is expected to last until mid-June 2018. Afterwards work will begin to remove the asbestos. The duration of the project depends on the results of the investigation.

Previously all of the barriers around the former embassy were removed and the cycle path was shifted. The public space was partially repaved and the building is now completely visible again.