Trade-in scheme for high-emissions vechicles extended

Published: 2 December 2022Modified: 2 December 2022

The municipality is extending the trade-in scheme (formerly the demolition bonus) for high-emissions vehicles to 31 March 2023. Residents are allowed to trade in their old car, (delivery) van, moped or motorised bike for a credit.

Residents can spend the credit from the municipality on a cleaner form of transport. Such as traveling on public transportation or using a shared vehicle. Or as credit towards purchasing an (electric) bicycle or electric moped or motorised bike. Business owners can also use the scheme.

National measures

The Dutch government is also offering a number of subsidies and tax advantages. Business owners and residents are allowed to use these on top of the municipality’s trade-in scheme. For example, if they purchase an electric delivery van or car.

Credit from the municipality

The credits for trading in different vehicles are:

  • moped or motorised bike: € 400 (Ooievaarspas holders: € 750)
  • diesel passenger car or delivery van: € 1,000 (Ooievaarspas holders: € 1,200)
  • diesel delivery van for business owners: € 1,500 (the business owner must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as a legal entity

Available budget

The municipality has made € 325,000 available for the trade-in scheme. The scheme will last until 31 March 2023. Or until the funds for the trade-in scheme have been used up.

Number of polluting vehicles

Since 2016 more than 3,000 mopeds and motorised bikes and more than 700 cars have been demolished under the trade-in scheme. At the beginning of 2022 there were still many vehicles in The Hague registered at the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) which are no longer permitted to drive in The Hague’s low-emission zone. The approximate numbers are 1,600 diesel passenger cars, 1,500 diesel delivery vans and 4,500 mopeds and motorised bikes.

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