The Hague to ban the sale of laughing gas on the street

Published: 24 July 2020Modified: 28 July 2020

The Hague Municipal Executive has submitted a proposal to ban the sale of laughing gas on the street. The municipality will also discourage the use of balloons at events.

Deputy Mayor Hilbert Bredemeijer (Outdoor space):

"I am greatly concerned about the use of laughing gas by young adults in The Hague. Not only do they cause a lot of nuisance in our playgrounds, on the street and on the beach, they are also putting their own health and the health of others at great risk. It is high time to put an end to this harmful street trade."

The Municipal Executive has proposed an adaptation to The Hague’s municipal bylaws to ban the sale of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) in public places and in shops. If the Municipal Council approves the proposal during its next meeting, the ban can take effect throughout the city on 1 October.

Discouraging its use

The national government is preparing legislation to ban the sale of laughing gas in cylinders or large quantities of cartridges for recreational use next year. The Municipality of The Hague is already taking steps ahead of this new law by tackling street sales.

The municipality will also hold talks with young people and their parents about the detrimental effect of laughing gas, based on research published by the Trimbos Institute. It will talk to shops and retailers associations in an effort to discourage the use of laughing gas and displaying whipped cream chargers in shop windows.