The Hague: Space to explore and unwind

Published: 22 June 2020Modified: 22 June 2020

The Hague is launching the ‘Space to explore and unwind’ (‘Een zee van ruimte’) promotional campaign to once again draw tourists to the city and acquaint them with the limitless possibilities and space the city has to offer.

The campaign will encourage tourists and residents to pay a visit to the museums as well as the royal city centre at less crowded moments. Visitors will be invited to discover the city’s numerous lovely spots off the beaten track. Only a stone’s throw from the historic city centre is the 11-kilometre long coastline with more than 70 seafront restaurants and beach clubs. 

According to Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines (Economy):

‘The promotional campaign informs visitors and residents about the many additional appealing spots in the city. We have different ways of monitoring busy spots in the city. If necessary, we are prepared to take measures to streamline the flow of visitors so that they are not concentrated in only one area. This will allow us to boost the local economy in a safe way, while using protective measures against the coronavirus.’

More information about the promotional campaign can be found on the website

The Hague: Space to explore and unwind
The Hague: Space to explore and unwind