The Hague signs energy alliance: 25,000 homes energy neutral in 5 years

Published: 6 February 2018Modified: 6 February 2018

The Hague is aiming to realise 25,000 to 30,000 energy neutral homes in the coming 5 years. The starting signal for this plan was given on 2 February during the Hague Energy Top.

Sixteen partners signed a declaration of intent on 2 February to work together towards a climate neutral city. Energy producers, grid operators, housing corporations, large homeowners associations, residents organisations and the municipality are pledging to join forces in an effort to start using 100% renewable energy in The Hague.

Energy supply

Deputy Mayor Joris Wijsmuller (Sustainability) stressed during the Energy Top that quite a bit still needed to happen. ‘We are working on a completely climate neutral energy supply for developed areas of The Hague: we are insulating houses, disconnecting from natural gas in our buildings, and soon using 100% green energy from the wind, water and sun. And we of course are making use of the big opportunity The Hague has to tap into geothermal energy. This year the first geothermal power station in a Dutch city will open in The Hague.’

The Energy Top also focused attention on what the energy transition means for the daily life of city dwellers. Residents and businesses described how they are making their own surroundings more sustainable.