The Hague planning to introduce Ja/Ja sticker

Published: 19 December 2019Modified: 19 December 2019

The municipality is planning to introduce a Ja/Ja sticker on 1 April 2020. Residents will then only receive unaddressed advertising leaflets if they indicate this by placing a Ja/Ja sticker on their letterbox. The goal of this sticker is to minimise the amount of paper wasted. Advertising leaflets often end up being tossed away unread in the paper bin or in the regular household waste.

Old stickers still in force

The new system will allow people who do not have a sticker on their letterbox to still receive free newspapers as these contain official announcements by local authorities. People who do not want to receive these newspapers can still place a Nee/Nee sticker on their letterbox. The current Nee/Ja sticker will also remain in force.

What do the stickers mean?

On your letterbox You get
Ja/Ja sticker Advertising and free newspapers
No sticker or the Nee/Ja sticker No advertising, but you do get free newspapers
Nee/Nee sticker No advertising, no free newspapers


The Municipal Council will take a definite decision on the sticker in January 2020. Residents will then receive information on how they can requet the new sticker.

Results in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has had the Ja/Ja sticker since 2018. Thanks to this sticker the number of residents in Amsterdam receiving advertising leaflets at home was reduced by half in 1 year. This means savings of 33 kilograms of paper a year for every household no longer receiving advertising material. In addition to The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Haarlem have also announced the introduction of the Ja/Ja sticker.

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