The Hague leading in charging points for electric cars   

Published: 28 August 2019Modified: 28 August 2019

The Hague is well prepared for the rise in the number of electric cars the coming years, according to a study by Over Morgen management consulting bureau. The city is among the Dutch municipalities with the highest scores for their network of public charging points.

The Hague currently has 1,050 charging posts (representing 2,100 charging points). This number will expand further in the coming years to meet the growing demand.

The number of charging posts in The Hague has doubled since 2015 while the number of kilometres driven has more than tripled. An estimated 2,000 residents of The Hague regularly drive an electric car and 6,500 drive an electric car from time to time. Altogether they drove 20 million kilometres in 2018. People who live and/or work in The Hague can register as a driver of an electric car. On the basis of demand the municipality determines where new charging points will be placed.

Over Morgen used data from the land register, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and Esri to set a benchmark. It compared the number of inhabitants per charging point as well as the number of charging points per square kilometre and it looked at whether the posts are located in the right place.

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