The Hague is riding MONO

Published: 11 March 2019Modified: 11 March 2019

Perhaps you have already seen them. Chalk drawings at the entrances to bicycle parking facilities, a number of parking garages and city district offices. The chalk drawings are reminders of the MONO road safety campaign, warning people not to use their smartphones in traffic. Young people apping while cycling make themselves particularly vulnerable.

Youth organisations such as Team Alert ( and Responsible Young Drivers ( will talk to young people on behalf of the municipality. The municipality will also place temporary chalk drawings at bicycling parking facilities, city district offices and a number of parking garages to call attention to driving and cycling safely.

Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten (Mobility) unveilled the 1st drawing at Maerlant Lyceum on 5 March 2019, together with Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen from Infrastructure and Water Management and Floor Vermeulen, representative of Traffic and Transport for Province of Zuid-Holland. Together they made it clear that MONO is important to the municipality, province and state.

MONO: do 1 thing at a time

Each year there are dozens of traffic casualties and hundreds of injuries in Dutch traffic due to the unsafe use of smartphones. Reading and writing messages in traffic increases the risk of an accident by at least 6 times. Incoming messages in particular appear to be a huge distraction. MONO, literally ‘1’ or ‘alone’, stands for: doing 1 thing at a time. Not only will be people be made aware of the dangers, the police will also enforce the rules more strictly.

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Chalk drawing at Maerlant Lyceum
Chalk drawing at Maerlant Lyceum