The Hague in search of new mayor

Published: 8 January 2020Modified:

Johan Remkes will serve as the acting mayor of The Hague until 1 July 2020. The municipality is therefore in search of a new mayor. But which qualities should this new mayor have? Residents of the city can share their ideas.

The Hague Municipal Council is drawing up a draft profile for the mayor using the input of city inhabitants. This profile will be used as the basis for the selection of candidates.

React online

Which qualities should the new mayor have? You can respond to this question by sending an email to by 16 January. The Municipal Council will incorporate the responses into a preliminary profile for the new mayor which will be discussed on 29 January.  

Public commentary on 29 January

The Governance Committee will discuss the preliminary profile for the new mayor on Wednesday, 29 January. The meeting begins at 13.30 hrs. in the Council Chamber of The Hague City Hal. You can give your commentary during the meeting by registering before 9.30 hrs. on 29 January via The profile will be discussed and finalised during a public council meeting with the King's commissioner on 17 February.

Confidential committee

The Municipal Council plays a major role in appointing a mayor. A confidential committee will be established, made up of a number of council members who will prepare the recommendation for the appointment of the mayor and will make the presentation of 2 candidates to the Municipal Council. The Municipal Council will send a recommendation on the mayor who is to be appointed to the Minster of the Interior.

Summary of profile for new mayor

Passionate leader

The municipality is in search of an experienced leader who is devoted to public administration and has an affinity with local democracy, is transparent and makes integrity a high priority. A mayor who does not camouflage problems but instead brings them clearly to the table with a solution-oriented approach.

The candidate should also possess the required diplomacy. A mayor who is above party divides and is impartial and trustworthy. Somebody who can resolutely tackle issues with humour and equivocation. A leader who is open and accessible, a uniting force towards all parties in the cities and focused on diminishing the distance between the political administration and the city. A mayor who is experienced with public order and safety and takes firm and consistent action when needed.

The municipality is in search of a mayor who is used to rapidly adapting to and easily moving between different situations and circumstances a city like The Hague brings forth.


The new mayor can represent our municipality in a dignified way and can deal with a wide range of interests which the position of mayor, regional mayor for The Hague Police Force and (deputy) chairman of the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area and security region carries.

Engaged resident

The municipality realises that it is asking a great deal from our new mayor and naturally also that the new mayor is or will become an engaged resident of our city.