The Hague helping businesses and residents with recovery plan

Published: 2 November 2020Modified: 6 November 2020

The municipality is appropriating an extra € 133 million to help residents, businesses and organisation with the consequences of the corona crisis. The Hague Municipal Executive presented a recovery plan on Thursday, 29 October. The plan outlines how this money will be spent.

The social and economic recovery plan contains more than 55 measures. The municipality decided on these measures after researching the impact of the corona crisis on The Hague.


The following measures can be taken quickly and will achieve a fast result:

Participation through work, schooling and coaching
Helping people find work by offering training, re-education and coaching.

  1. Current and future business climate
    The municipality will improve its services such as the Local Business Counter (Ondernemersportaal). Business owners will receive support in making their services and processes available online. The municipality will offer new services to help self-employed professionals (zzp’ers) run their business.
  2. Education and prospects for youth
    The education sector can apply for a subsidy to assist high school and college students with a gap in their learning or delay in their studies. The municipality is making arrangements with vocational training and organisations on new work-based learning places and internships.

  3. Building and sustainability measures for and by residents
    About 10,000 homes and other buildings such as schools can be made more sustainable the coming 2 years. The municipality will make sure that a many more city residents can work in the building sector during the 2021-2023 period. And that there are internships in the building sector.
  4. Vulnerable residents
    The municipality will contact vulnerable people in the city and invest in well-being. This helps to combat loneliness, leads to less social unrest and provides health benefits.
  5. Stimulus for tourism sector and downtown area
    The municipality will keep the downtown area attractive and welcoming. Business owners will get financial support to improve facades and lighting so that the downtown area remains attractive in the winter.
  6. Fighting and preventing debts
    The municipality will do more to combat poverty in the city and help people with debts.

More information

More information about the recovery plan and the measures can be found in the Raadsinformatiesysteem (RIS 306618).